Should I put my hand down?

Posted: February 28, 2011 in School Life

Today as I was reading / working through tweets in TweetDeck and the various blogs in my reader, I kept flipping back to our Board’s email / conference client and sharing links and articles that I found compelling. In under five minutes I’d made over ten posts / emails to various conferences and topics. As I read through a really exciting blog The Learning Nation, I immediately flipped to share it. As I did, I had the most skin crawling reaction that I had become the kid at the front of the class that the rest of the class hates because they know something about everything and can hardly wait to share it.

So, my momentary epiphany gave me pause and I only posted the link to my own school because I know most of my colleagues think I have stuff worth sharing and it was a safe place to share.

I’m relatively new to blogging, Twitter and so many of the other things I’m now exploring, but my excitement is boundless. I wrote a post about being hungry yesterday and Twitter has helped me stay that way. And today I’m concerned that the incredible resources (I think they are anyway) I’ve been sharing will simply be ignored because I’ve ‘had my hand up so many times today’.

So, my question to my PLN and anyone else who stumbles upon my post — should I put my hand down? Should I care that people may simply ignore my shares? This is me thinking out loud, but if anyone has any experiences to share or some insight, I’d love to hear it.

  1. Cyndie Jacobs says:

    I think you should not only NOT put your hand down, but you should keeping waving it right out there, so that anyone cruising through Twitter will have the opportunity to benefit from whatever great tidbits you are willing to share!


    • Lori A says:

      Thanks Cyndie. It was a strange experience to say the least. The encouragement and positive responses have reminded me that I will keep putting my hand up and driving people crazy because there is simply too much cool stuff not to share!


  2. Well, I’ll assume that you were sharing on appropriate conferences(!) so I’m totally in agreement with Cyndie! And I’d be even more in agreement if you were sharing on Twitter!
    Especially with Twitter, people tend to look at only the current frame of tweets and not scroll down too far – valuable material slides on by. It doesn’t really matter – people like you are ReTweeting it!
    There was once a blog post of mine that I wanted to promote so I retweeted every one or two hours throughout the day. When I asked, far from it being annoying, people either hadn’t seen it or felt it useful if they had. No one thought it was annoying!
    I know, and I’ve been quoted as saying it, I feel like a kid in a candy shop on Twitter! Join the club! Go ahead and shout – you’ll just fuel our enthusiasm! 🙂


    • Lori A says:

      *grin* Thanks Clive. That kid in the candy shop feeling hasn’t left me since I first figured out Twitter. I thought it was slowing down last week and then last night I looked up and suddenly I had over twenty tabs open in my browser again — nope, not slowing down. That’s really cool to know that people don’t find RTing your stuff annoying. I was curious. And I do indeed share and RT on Twitter. My one major failure on Twitter is that I have not yet learned to go look at the links when I spawn them so often I can’t RT it because I lose the original tweet. I’m getting better, but I like to scroll all the way to the bottom of TweetDeck and then clear the read messages — yep I’m a nerd and love it.

      Thanks for the RTs and the vote of confidence. This newbie is lovin’ it!


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