Literacy Epiphany

Posted: March 31, 2011 in School Life

So, I start back to work tomorrow after an eleven month absence. That in itself is a whole other post. As I lay in bed this morning contemplating what I needed to do to complete my day today, I reflected on the past two months. In February, I was encouraged and supported while I discovered Twitter. And Twitter has revolutionized / re-energized / impassioned me. So, now what?

Well, back to my morning epiphany — as I lay there thinking I began to consider what I wanted to do with each of my classes. I’ve promised myself that my kids will have input and that we will use technology (when it’ll enhance the lesson not just dress it up) and that if my classes aren’t ‘flipped’ then they will be project based learning. My Leadership class (GPP30 for you Ontarians) is already project based and has been since the day it started so it’s the no-brainer for me, but my grade 9 academic English and the Ontario Secondary School Literacy Course (OSSLC), well they’re a different matter.

My epiphany had to do with the Literacy course. I’ve spent time the past two months exploring curriculum documents more than I ever have (well since teacher’s college) and as the requirements for the course wandered through my brain (Writing – News Report, Summary, Opinion Piece and an information piece; Reading – informational / graphic / narrative texts) I kept thinking about how I could give these kids an authentic audience and then it hit me! We (the students and me) can create a student newspaper for our school since we don’t currently have one. What more authentic audience could they have and I think it’ll cover all of the curriculum points.

My next step, what the heck am I going to do with my Grade 9 class? Anyone have any ideas? Oh yeah, I start tomorrow and I don’t have a lesson plan, but that’s okay 🙂


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