Tomorrow, the real work begins…

Posted: April 3, 2011 in School Life

I think I’m procrastinating. I have chores around the house that need to be done, my income tax isn’t filed, and my lessons for tomorrow aren’t ready. Now, I’ve been avoiding household chores for years and it doesn’t really cause me stress anymore and I’ve been teaching for thirteen years so I’m not particularly stressed about the lesson plans, but then again, I kind of sort of am.

I’m stressed because I’ve been inspired to revamp my teaching style and add project based learning to my two classes that haven’t traditionally done so. I have the idea of where I want to go (see my last post about my Literacy Epiphany) and where I’d like to end up, but it’s all new territory for me in those two classes. (Did I mention I haven’t even thought about what I want to do in my class that has always been a project based learning class?)

Yesterday, I went out and bought myself three flip video cameras because my idea may result in kids who want to create videos so I wanted that resource available for them. I vaguely told my principal about my plans, and as usual, he supported me and was excited about the direction I’m heading. (He has even offered to pay for materials for the Literacy project – woo hoo! Maybe when I show him the work I’m doing with the Flip video cameras we can purchase some for the school.)

I was nervous and anxious about going back to work after such an extended absence, but being with my kids on that first day reminded me just how much I love what I do and how important it is that I continue to do it well and continue to reach beyond my own comfort zone.

So, I’m a lot disjointed today, a lot excited, a little bit stressed and a little bit crazy, but hey, I like it here. I think I’ll stick around for a while and figure it out.

Tomorrow, the real work begins — I have to convince my students that I’m not completely crazy, that we can and will try a new way of learning, and that it will be worthwhile for all of us. I think I’m up to the challenge — I hear the Little Engine That Could chanting in the background, “I Think I Can, I Think I Can…..I know I can, I know I can…” Toot toot! Here we go!


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