So, maybe I’m not a blogger?

Posted: November 3, 2011 in Uncategorized

Last January a colleague posted a link to Shelley Wright’s blog (my tools aren’t working correctly so it’s not letting me provide the link and that post inspired me to start my own blog. From Shelley’s blog I began exploring other blogs which then led me to Twitter. Before I knew it my reader was brimming with incredible ideas and insights from people around the world and I loved it! I was active on Twitter, reading blog after blog and well, kind of active on my own blog.

As I continued to grow and learn, my blog became something I thought about, but seldom acted on and the more blogs I read, the more I believed I was a blogging failure. Time and time again the value of blogging was demonstrated and I can see the value, but I just can’t put it at the top of my list of things to do. So, this isn’t good bye, but I don’t think it’s quite the right time for me to have an active and passionate blogging career. Or maybe I just haven’t found my blogging voice quite yet.

In the meantime, I’m loving sharing the things I’m learning with my colleagues and continuing to learn and grow and who knows, I was inspired to write this blog after a bit of a hiatus, maybe this is a new beginning!


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