Lori Armstrong (aka The LAW – a nickname from my partner shared with my students)

Who am I? Or, what should I share here? Well, I am a passionate teacher. I love teaching and learning. My newest learning curve is attached to technology in the classroom and so far it has all been straight up. But I love it! I thought I’d share my journey to become a 21st C. educator and see who I found along the way. My goal is to avoid becoming a dinosaur and so far I’m succeeding.

I typically teach English, Literacy and Leadership and I truly love every second of it. I became a teacher because I wanted to change the way education was delivered. Leadership has allowed me an opportunity to do things way outside the box and I’m grateful my principal has supported me in all the crazy things I do, but I do them all because I love kids and helping them discover their place in the world.

So, enough about me for now and on with the blogging, tweeting, and everything else I can imagine.

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