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I realized something today, less than five minutes ago really. I was watching this really incredible video from PBS about 21st Century Learners and I realized that I was hungry. (I haven’t figured out to embed the video into the post so here’s the link PBS – Digital Media – New Learners in the 21st Century)

I’m hungry. No, not for food, but for innovation and real change in my world and I haven’t felt like this since I was a new teacher. I’ve always been willing to try new things if they were good for my kids, but the more I watch, experience, learn — the more I want to be part of that change. I’m excited about teaching again! And, I have one blog post (Wright’s Room) shared by an incredible colleague (@technolit), my PLN and Twitter to thank for pointing me in this direction. Who’d have thought that February 1st would mark such a profound change for me?

I want to ‘flip’ my classroom! I want to turn all of my classes into passion-driven classes with project based learning. I want my kids to really learn and to take responsibility for their learning. (I didn’t realize I was already doing this in one of my classes; I just knew that it was good and that kids walked out learning real stuff that they will use in their lives.) I want to share with my friends and colleagues. I want to teach! I want to learn!

Woosh! Having said that, I think I’m going to take a minute to catch my breath and then jump back into the pool. I guess my point for writing this post — to say thank you. Twenty six days ago I loved what I do, but today, I still love what I do, but I’m excited to do what I do. I’m hungry to learn more, to share more, to create more. Everyone else who is passionate about their work will get that and those of you who don’t, give yourself the opportunity to be excited about what you do. If you aren’t excited — then why do it?

So, again, thank you.